We CANNOT continue in a game with just one goaltender

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Barry Brust supported the team in the game against Zagreb until 33rd minute, but then he confirmed his reputation of a hot headed person. It hasn't happened for the first time, and the head coach Miloš Říha is not willing to tolerate it.


What happened? During one of the plays in the goal crease area, Barry let his hockey stick out of his hands, which is automatically penalized by a penalty shot. If it was deliberate, or not...it's hard to tell, in that particular moment we hoped, that Ďaloga helped it a bit, and Barry himself wanted to tell it to the referee. The referee didn't accept Barry's objections, which made Barry mad and addressed several insults to the on ice officials, who added to his ten-minute game misconduct penalty an additional penalty, and Brust had to leave the ice until the end of the game. The head coach Miloš Říha commented this situation after the press conference.

"Barry cannot react like this, it wasn't the first time that he left the team in a pickle. I am sure you remember the play-off games against CSKA Moscow, in which he played excellent, but in the end he deprived us of a good result. We need to draw consequences from this, he must not do this. He is responsible for his speech and his performance. We cannot let things like this happen, we will certainly address this. If it's going to happen again, then it makes no sense to us. I watched the video of the incident for three times, the hockey stick had been thrown away.  We cannot continue in a game with just one goaltender. What if he gets injured and we will need to send to our net a player from the field?" said the head coach Miloš Říha after the game, who praised Pogge's performance in rest of the game, who saved the penalty shot right after Brust's game misconduct penalty and who helped the team to get 2 points in the game against Medvescak Zagreb.

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