We were struggling the whole time

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The Blueshirts had more shots on goal than Riga, however with no effect.


Fans of the sold-out Ondrej Nepela Arena were expecting another win after the triumph against Jokerit Helsinki. However, HC SLOVAN Bratislava players lost to Dinamo Riga after a game full of struggle (1:2 after shootouts). Even though they were winning 1:0 after the first period, they were not able to score another goal, although they were more active in shooting on goal.

"It was a difficult game, and if we scored more goals in the first period, the game would have a different result. Unfortunately we didn't sore any, and then we were struggling for rest of the game. Although we were shooting more on the goal than them, we were not efficient," Andrej Meszároš, the team captain evaluated the game.

The Blueshirts wanted to fight against the West Conference team that is currently last in the stats, but it seemed like their hands were tied again: "Every game is difficult for us, no matter the opponent's strength. Our feet were not good today, and score just one goal from so many shots is just not enough. What else can I add..."

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