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How does your summer look? What do you do on your off days?

“You caught up with me in my native Imatra. I have my family and friends here, which I always look forward to after the season. About an hour's drive from this town, we own a weekend house, near the lake, where it is really beautiful, and I can perfectly relax here.”

When did you start preparing for the new year?

“I started preparing for the new season a few weeks ago. I work with a personal fitness trainer here in Finland, at the same time I have already received a training plan and tests from a fitness trainer from Slovan, which I have to pass. In addition to classics, i.e., the gym and athletics, I like to play tennis and go cycling in the summer. These are complementary sports that I enjoy.”

How do you evaluate last year's season in the Mladá Boleslav jersey?

“I think I had a good season. We had a difficult start, as we were quarantined, like the other teams. We stood for about a month, but then we ran. The Czech league is very good, the teams are balanced. I played well, I was able to score, I started in power play formations. We can also be pleased with the team success, because we only dropped out in the seventh match of the semi-finals with Třinec.”

What are your strengths?

“I am a player who skates well and is creative - I like to create opportunities for teammates, or I get into them myself. I have a good shot that I try to use in powerplays. However, I am no stranger to the physical game, I of course try to follow all the instructions from the coaching team to be as beneficial as possible for the team.”

Why did you choose Slovan?

“My priority was to stay in the Czech Republic, but Mladá Boleslav decided to take a different path and I no longer wanted to wait. Slovan's interest was long-lasting and very serious. They contacted my agent and declared a great effort to get me. Then it all went quickly, I received an offer, we agreed on the terms, and I signed a contract. I look forward to being part of the organization in a season celebrating 100 years since its founding.”

What do you know about Slovan? Have you gathered any information about the club?

“I know the club from playing in the Slovak league. We will play matches in a beautiful arena; I also enjoyed the full stands in 2019/20. I believe that the pandemic will generally subside, and the fans will return to the point of view.”

What number will you wear?

“I chose the number 84. There is no story about it, but I have been starting with the number since childhood, I also played with it in Banská Bystrica. Last year in Boleslav, this number was discarded, so I took 48 there.”

What are your expectations for the new season?

“I’m coming to the club, which is the most famous in Slovakia, it has a rich history and tradition. The team will be strong, we should play for the top positions in the table and time our performance so that we are the best in the play-off part, where the success of the whole season will be decided. I'm not used to setting personal goals. I believe that I will avoid injuries and I will perform best for the team.”

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