Team captain Meszároš makes winning return

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The team's captain was back in Slovan's line up after a long break due to an injury.


Andrej Meszároš had to skip most of the last season games due to a serious knee injury. He wasn't even part of the line up in the first three away games of HC Slovan Bratislava in the new season. He re-joined the team in the first home game against Dinamo Minsk. Not only the team won this game, but Andrej added a goal in this win.

"It's an important win that was very much needed. We played well the whole game, and although they scored two goals we had many opportunities during power plays in the first two periods and we played well in the defense zone too. I think we deserved to win. The knee survived it, hopefully it won't be swollen," said the team captain right after the end of the game.

Andrej's power play goal that tied the game was an impulse for the team to turn the game around: "We tried to shoot at the goal as much as possible, Colby (Genoway) found me easily and I scored. It doesn't matter who scores, the important thing is that we scored and then we started to play better."

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