Standings shouldn't matter, says Meszároš

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Change of the head coach didn't prevent Slovan from losing to the weakest KHL team.


"We knew it would be difficult. In the KHL, we need to always give it 100% and standings shouldn't matter. The other team skated very well, they're quick. I think that we played better the whole time. Unfortunately, the goals, the chances... I don't know what to say about it,“ evaluated Slovan's performance the team captain Andrej Meszároš in the locker room in front of a bunch of journalists. 

We could feel the new impulse that came in the form of a change of the head coach only during the first period. "It's definitely not easy for him. We need to give him some time because it's not easy to join such team who is in a situation like this. We can only get out of this by working hard. Everyone needs to look at themselves and start working hard. No one can help us. We need to fight for each other and follow the coach's strategy. We don't score goals, but I hope, we can pull through this.“

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