Slovan's captain: the efficiency again!

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Spartak Moscow ended Slovan's series of home game wins, when they won against the Blueshirts 2-1.


After two home game wins, the Blueshirts wanted to win in front of their home fans again, however they pulled the short straw in the game against Spartak Moscow. The fans enjoyed an interesting game after the even first period, however, Slovan eventually lost to Spartak 1:2. 

"We had many shots on goal, but we missed the goals. Unfortunately, we were not efficient, the goalie was losing it, and we were not in the crease. We were not scoring and we adapted to their game. Spartak's defense was good, and their goals were scored by such a coincidence... but that's the way hockey is. They were pushing towards the net a lot, us not so much," commented after the game Andrej Meszároš.

The Blueshirts played again without Žiga Jeglič, who's playing at the qualification games for the Winter Olympics 2018 with his national team, moreover Václav Nedorost had to leave the rink in the beginning of the game, who got a penalty for protesting. This started few on-ice arguments afterwards.

"I don't think we were nervous, but we didn't play like we had agreed we will. We need to be more disciplined in our system, and I don't mean penalties, but our strategy. Of course we've been missing some players, but we have others here who can show us their skills. It doesn't matter if someone gets injured, in such case, another players needs to be able to replace him," said Slovan's captain.

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