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HKM ZVOLEN - HC SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 2: 3 OT (0: 0, 2: 0, 0: 2 - 0: 1)

Goals: 22. Zuzin, 37. McPherson (Nuutinen, Vienna) - 48. Ranford (Harris, Brodzinski), 60. Ranford (Gaspar), 80. O'Donell (Ranford, Sersen). Referees: D. Konc Sr., Hronský - J. Konc Jr., Durmis, Penalties: 2: 4, PPG: 0: 2, SHG: 0: 0, no spectators.

Series 1: 1

Zvolen: Rahm - Kotvan, Betker, Melancon, Ivan, Kubka, Hraško, Meliško - Kelemen, J. Mikúš, R. Bondra - Nuutinen, Puliš (21. Jedlička), McPherson - Stupka, Viedenský, Zuzin - Marcinek, Tibenský, Kolenič

HC SLOVAN: Gudlevskis - Sersen, Bačík, J. Valach, Maier, Meszároš, Štajnoch, Brodzinski - O'Donnell, Harris, Gašpar - B. Rapáč, Zigo, Matoušek - Šišovský, Bortňák, Ranford - Urbanek, S. Petráš, Lukošík

The first period belonged to Zvolen, but the goalkeeper Gudlevskis did not capitulate. Slovan threatened more significantly in the twelfth minute, the free Gašpar shot well and then O'Donnell tried to finish, but Vahenský also helped Rahm, when he froze the puck with the stick from the goal line. At the end of this part, Zvolen had a power play and Mikúš broke the net, but a second after the horn announcing a break.

At the beginning of the second period, Peter Zuzin took advantage of Ranford's mistake, and opened the score - 1: 0. The 'knights' then had to play without the wounded captain Puliš. Gašpar could have put his team up another goal but HKM goaltender said no. However, Gudlevskis had much more work on the other side. He destroyed the chances of Viedenský, Kelemen and Ivan. Slovan threatened only sporadically, Rahm saved the chance of Urbanek from behind the circle and O'Donnell's shot was not accurate as well. In the end, Zvolen deservedly took the lead 2: 0. Viedenský fought in the central zone, Nuutinen waited on the blue line and found McPherson in front of the goal in the breakaway, who did not hesitate in front of the Slovan goalkeeper. Mikúš and Bondra could have added a third goal to the break, but they could not find a recipe for the excellent Gudlevskis.

In the third period, the dominance of the home team continued, but Nuutinen missed two opportunities. In the 48th minute, Harris from behind the goal found a free Ranford in the power play in front of the Zvolen goaltender and he promptly scored- 2: 1. Zvolen continued their activity, but failed in a power play and in the game of five against five they burned in front of the goalkeeper of Slovan. Slovan could’ve equalized from the breakaway but Rahm took care of both shots. In the end, at first the forward of HKM Kelemen did not use a breakaway run, so Slovan could call off the goalkeeper and try to equalize during only the second power play in the match. In six against four situation, they succeeded, 32 seconds before the end, Ranford pushed the puck across the goal-line.

Even in overtime, the Zvolen players had the upper hand, but they continued not to take advantage of opportunities. Rahm saved Petráš's cannonball. Rapáč had a fantastic opportunity to put Zigo up another goal 71 minutes into the match, but he fired just over the crossbar. However, Slovan came to life. In the game of five against five, the Bratislava team dominated and four seconds before the end of extra time, the strong O'Donnell took advantage of the third chance in a row in front of the goal.

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