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HC'05 Banská Bystrica – HC SLOVAN Bratislava 0:2 (0:1, 0:1, 0:0)

Goals: 20. Gašpar (Zigo, Rapáč), 27. O'Donnel (Brodzinski, R. Gašpar). Referees: Lokšík, Hronský – D. Konc ml., Jurčiak, Penalties: 4:3, Powerplay goals: 0:2, Penalty kill goals: 0:0, No spectators.

Banská Bystrica: Belányi – Crevier-Morin, Jago, Žiak, Ďatelinka, Bdžoch, Petrinec, S. Hudec – Faško-Rudáš, Mlynarovič, Lamper – Vašaš, Kriška, Melcher – D'aoust, Marek Sloboda, Kabáč – Rákoš, Gabor

HC SLOVAN: Parks – Sersen, Ališauskas, Štajnoch, Meszároš, Brodzinski, Maier, Valach, Beňo – Rapáč, Bortňák, Matoušek – Gašpar, Harris, Urbánek – Zigo, Kytnár, O'Donnell – Lukošík, Jendek, Kundrík

The Banská Bystrica team started in the temporary home stadium in Zvolen for the last round of the regular part in a patched line-up without several key players. Coach Poikonen saved those for the pre-round play-off. Nevertheless, in the beginning, his charges had the upper hand and chances. The free Lamper in front of the goal and even the experienced Kriška from the ring were not able to overcome Parks. Slovan hasn’t shown their teeth until the eighth minute. Belánnyi first caught Urbánek and then Harris shot. Mlynarovič, on the other hand, could answer, against Parks. In the eleventh minute, 18-year-old Rákoš tried to make his first hit in his premiere, finishing from the right side, but he did not overcome the goalkeeper of Slovan. Bratislava then did not use the first power play, although the number of shots was higher then usual, but they managed to give the leading goal in the seconds just before the break, three seconds. Zigo from the right side passed the puck through two opponents to the left goalpost to Gašpar and it was 0: 1.

The second third began with pressure from Slovan. Brodzinski and Maier had great opportunities. Rams were able to equalize after the breakaway of Gabor, but Parks saved it, and later clever Lamper was not successful. Slovan struck in the third power play, when O’Donnell with his slapshot made it 0: 2. The fourth power play in a row for Slovan did not end with a goal. Nonetheless Bortňák had a breakaway but two “Ram” players managed to skate to him and stop him at the moment when he wanted to finish. In the 38th minute, Lamper showed his second breakaway in the match, but with the same result as in the first. The score was not changed even by the Bratislava forwards O’Donnell from the left side and Gašpar up close.

In the third period, nothing serious happened at first. Only Parks had little problems after Petrinc's shot from the circle. In the 46th minute, he sweated more, because Melcher got into two great opportunities. Belányi had to be wary even after the shot by Lukošík from the left circle. Rams didn't use their breakaway in the 53rd minute to make things more interesting. But things became interesting when Slovan was on the penalty kill and 19 seconds later was on a 5 on 3 penalty kill. A very possible victory was in danger as both, our captain Michal Sersen, and a veteran Andrej Meszároš were in the penalty box. But Slovan showed why they are number 1 in penalty kills and took care of them. Thanks to Tyler Parks and his great defencemen, Slovan kept clean sheet, and solidified his 4th place in the league table.

As Regular season ends, play-off awaits us! Our first opponent will be Nitra. Our first play-off match is scheduled on 31st of March 2021 in Bratislava.

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