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HC SLOVAN Bratislava - HC 07 Detva 4:1 (1:1, 0:0, 3:0)

Goals: 13. Kundrík, 48. Bortňák (Šišovský, Ališauskas), 52. Urbánek (Ranford), 55. Kundrík (Valach) – 7. Klíma (Korím, Curry)

HC SLOVAN Bratislava: Parks (Beke) – Brodzinski, Ališauskas, Štajnoch (A), Meszároš (A), Valach, Maier, Beňo – O'Donnell, Kytnár (C), Ranford – Jendek, Urbánek, Šišovský – Kundrík, Bortňák, Matoušek – Lepskii, Lukošík, Jasenec – Lačný

HC 07 Detva: Sholl (Lietava) – Turan, Ľalík, F. Fekiač, Rymsha, Gachulinec (A), Jendroľ, Masarik, Korím – Ščurko (C), V. Fekiač (A), Ľupták – Charbonneau, Čacho, Cox – Downing, Valent, Sýkora – Curry, Klíma, Žilka

The home side worked hard to get through the middle and as a result, had a good chance of getting one back as O'Donnell tried lifting the puck over keeper Sholl. The away team also showed up in the 5th minute and Parks had his hands full with the Rymshu finish. Two minutes later, however, the goalkeeper of the Slovan already conceded when Koríma's shot fell and Klima reached the puck into the net. Slovan answered in the 13th minute, Sholl deflected one of the defenders shot to only let it drop in front of him seconds later and Kundrík got to the puck the fastest - 1: 1. At the end of the period.

The second act was marked by penalties, hard fights and several skirmishes and fist fights, so few were played in full force. The game was shattered. In the 25th minute, Meszároš fired a shot and Sholl sweated during the subsequent rebound of Kytnár. In the middle of the match, Detva played a power play by two players, closed the opponent in the zone for a long time, but could not take the advantage. Ranford could have increased the lead after 34 minutes, but his shot hit the post after a nice combination in the middle of the ring.

Slovan experienced another short-handed situation at the beginning of the third act and struck shortly after. In the 48th minute, Bortňák skated in front of the goal and sent the "eagles" to the lead - 2: 1. Shortly afterwards, Detva played another power play, but again, could not find a recipe for the defense of the home team, and then conceded again. In the 52nd minute, immediately after the end of his penalty, Urbánek jumped on the ice, got into a breakaway, and scored against Sholl. Kundrík added another insurance for Slovan in the 55th minute.

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