Slovan lose their third home game

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Big mistakes of some players cost HC SLOVAN points against Sochi.


HC SLOVAN Bratislava - HK Soči 1:4 (0:2, 1:0, 0:2)

Goals: 33. M. Sukeľ (C. Rau, Meszároš) - 2. Polunin (Shmelyov, Bocharov), 7. Collins (D. Arkhipov, Shmelyov), 44. D. Arkhipov, 58. Rakhimullin

Penalties: 2-6 for 2 min, added penalty for Shchitov (Sochi) until the end of the game for unsportmanlike behavior, power-play goals: 1:1, short-handed goals: 0:0, on-ice officials: Belov, Naumov - Gordenko, Sysuyev (all Russian), 7 411 visitors

Line ups:
Čiliak - Sersen, É. Gélinas, Grman, Meszároš, Schaus, Švarný, Klok - Řepík, Taffe, Virta - M. Sukeľ, Bailey, Červený - Liška, Chipchura, C. Rau - Lamper, Hrnka, M. Lunter
Sochi: Barulin - Jokipakka, Shchitov, Musin, Auvitu, Budkin, D. Alexandrov, Akmaldinov, Zborovsky - Bocharov, Rosén, O'Dell - D. Arkhipov, Collins, Shmelyov - Kapustin, Tochitsky, Polunin - Starkov, Tomilin, Rakhimullin

Slovan didn't start the game very well. Casey Bailey's penalty got punished by Alexander Polunin in 2nd minute when he scored the opening goal to our semi-covered goal with a backhand. Five minutes later, Sean Collins placed the puck in our net right under a pole and scored the second goal of the game. The Blueshirts answered with increased ice activity. In 10th minute, the home team created a good scoring chance during a power play, but even 14 shots on goal weren't enough to successfully place the puck behind Konstantin Barulin in the first period.

In the beginning of the second period, Adam Liška got into a breakaway, however, his slapshot from the right circle ended up in Barulin's equipment. After this, there wasn't much action from the home team, which prompted disapproving whistling in the audience. Finally, fans cheered up a bit when Chad Rau made a very good pass in 33rd minute. Chad found Matúš Sukeľ on his wing, who successfully scored in the top right corner of Barulin's net. Liška got into another breakaway just seconds before the end of the second period, but his attempt wasn't successful due to Barulin's save.

Rudolf Červený didn't manage to score a goal from a very short distance during a power play in the third period. He only aimed at Barulin. Stanislav Bocharov almost scored a shorthanded goal, and four minutes after Arkhipov's penalty was up, he scored from a breakaway. Bailey ended up in a similar situation in 52nd minute, but Sochi's Barunin made a good save. The home team tried to pull their goaltender in the end of the game, but they weren't successful, just like in the recent game against Spartak Moscow. Damir Rakhimullin scored Sochi's 4th and last goal into Slovan's empty net. Slovan 1, Sochi 4.

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