Slovan leaves Yekaterinburg with a point

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Slovans earned their first point in this season. They lost to Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg 2-3 in overtime.

Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg - HC SLOVAN Bratislava 3-2OT (1-1, 1-0, 0-1 - 1-0)
Goals: 7. Da Costa (Dawes), 25. Belousov (Paré), 65. Golyshev (Dawes, Vishnevsky) – 13. Sersen (Liška, Chipchura), 60. Taffe (Sersen, Rau). On-ice officials: Gamalei, Kislov – Maximovsky, Osipov (all from Russia). Penalties: 4-3 for 2 min, power plays: 1-0, penalty kills: 0-0, 4 562 visitors
Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg: Kovář – Tryamkin, Vasilevsky, Mamkin, Misharin, Gurkin, Vishnevsky, Valitov – Chesalin, Kucheryavenko, Krikunov – Golyshev, Da Costa, Dawes – Sexton, Paré, Belousov – Litovchenko, Popov, Rasseikin – Obidin
HC SLOVAN Bratislava: Štěpánek – Gelinas, Sersen, Grman, Meszároš, Schaus, Jánošík, Bačik, Švarný – Řepík, Taffe, Červený – Liška, Chipchura, Lunter – Buc, Rau, Sukeľ – Šimun, Hrnka

It was Štěpánek's first game of the season, and he had to prove his goaltending skills in the first minute when blocking a shot with his right pad after a dangerous play of Kucharyavenko and Dawes. The home team scored the first goal of the game in the 7th minute - Dawes found free Da Costa in front of the goal from the left boards and Da Costa scored. Slovan cheered up after Gurkin's penalty. Sersen scored from the blue line, placed it easily behind Kovářa and tied the game 1-1. We soldiered well through a penalty kill and Mamkin's scoring opportunity, and left the ice with a tie after the first period.

Yekaterinburg mobilized their skating skills and got rewarded for their trying in the 25th minute. Paré's pass from the blue line found its way to Belousov in front of the goal and he sent Avtomobilist into leading 2-1.  Slovan could answer with a goal shortly after a good playing strategy of Chipchura, however, his shot was stopped by Kovář's glove save. The Czech goalie of the home team saved a couple of other scoring attempts of Lunter and Sukeľ, and the Blueshirts were left without a goal in the second period. Řepík's penalty then made Slovan's life on ice a bit more difficult, although the team survived this penalty kill.

Slovan started the third period with a power play, although Kovář saved Taffe's and Gelinas' blue line slapshots. Slovan's forechecking was good, but the defense of the home team was strong enough to stop all our scoring attempts. Avtomobilist tried to score too, but Štěpánek saved his team, and Sexton only hit a pole while having a huge opportunity to score. Slovan eventually tied the score in a play without a goaltender, when 49 seconds before the finish whistles Taffe score Slovan's second goal and ensured an overtime. In the overtime, the referees punished Slovan for too many skaters on the ice, which became a key game point. Golyshev scored the winning goal in the last second of the game! Slovan then left Yekaterinburg's ice with a loss of 2-3.

Vladimír Országh's team is coming back from their first away trip, and the team will play their first home game on the Sep 9, against Locomotive Yaroslavl (at 5 PM).

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