Šatan’s season likely over

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Injury to his neck and back caused by a clash with Zdeno Chára in the first game against HC Lev Praha will force HC SLOVAN Bratislava captain Miroslav Šatan to more than likely miss the remainder of the 2012/2013 KHL season, including the playoffs.


Following the injury to Šatan, numerous medical examinations have revealed the scale of the injury to the cervical vertebrae of the HC SLOVAN captain. Progress has been made but upon the advice from medical experts, the diagnosis is that Šatan will be unable to play for the remainder of the regular season, and more than likely the playoffs as well.

“After consultation with leading experts in spinal injuries in Slovakia and abroad, we concluded that it is necessary to continue with treatment that among other things, requires the elimination of any work load on the spine”, said club doctor MUDr. Ján Grauzel.

Experts also agreed that at this stage surgery is not yet necessary, although this will be confirmed in a follow-up examination in a month’s time. We all believe that with the continuation of the treatment,  Šatan will be able to return to hockey for the beginning of the Olympic season in 2013/2014.

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