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HC Dukla Trenčín - HC Slovan Bratislava 3:2 OT and SO (1:0, 1:2, 0:0 – 0:0, 1:0)

Goals: 13. Okuliar (Bokroš, Starosta), 40. Reddick, rozhodujúci sam. nájazd Okuliar – 27. Gašpar (Harris), 32. Ališauskas (Urbánek, Brodzinski).

Novák, Žák – D.Konc ml., J.Konc ml., Penalties: 6:6 minor penalties. Powerplays and Penalty Kills: 0:0, no spectators.

Trenčín: Karjalainen (65. Valent) – Lemcke, Ackered, Bokroš, Starosta, Rajnoha, Jalasvaara, Honzek – Berisha, Paukovček, Hecl – Kukuča, Rehuš, Okuliar – Chromiak, Reddick, Kettunen – Sádecký, Švec, Sojčík

Slovan: Gudlevskis – Ališauskas, J.Valach, Štajnoch, Bačík, Brodzinski, Maier, Ožvald, Beňo – O'Donnell, Harris, Gašpar – Urbánek, Zigo, Matoušek – Rapáč, Bortňák, Kundrík – Lukošík, Kytnár, Jendek

The beginning of the match brought incoherent hockey on both sides. The teams needed to get up to speed. After 8 minutes, Gudlevskis pushed the puck infront of him. Rajnoha got to him, but he could not beat the Latvian goalkeeper. On the other side, Zigo won the puck during the attack. He finished in a break situation, but Karjalainen saved the shot with his throat. Trenčín took the lead in in 4-on-4. Okuliar took over the puck in the middle zone and hit the Gudlevskis blocker from the right circle.

The introduction of the second part of the game also brought incoherent hockey. Only in the 25th minute did the defenders forget about Bortňák, who got to the puck. He could not move the goalkeeper Dukla enough so he successfully made a save. In the 27th minute, with 4-on-4 situation, Slovan managed to equalize. Harris's shot was not saved and Gašpar knocked it from the goal area into the goal. In the middle of the match, the Slovan led and the goal fell again with a smaller number of players on the ice. Trenčín didn't watch the players and Ališauskas scored with a hard shot from behind the circles. Then, a few minutes latter, Gudlevskis was in place at the end of Ackereds shot. Dukla leveled just before the second siren. In a confusing situation during the power play, the puck bounced to Reddick, who shot it into an empty goal.

The final twenty minutes could decide who would take all the points. After 42 minutes Gašpar's pass found Harris, but goalkeeper Karjalainen saw the puck and saved it. Seven minutes later, the Gudlevskis saved Švec's. In the 52nd minute, Karjalainen stopped O'Donnell's shot. A moment later, Trenčín were able to tilt the scales again to their side. In a brekaway, Berisha passed to the free Hecl, but he aimed high above the goal. A few minutes later, Lemcke's shot missed Gudlevskis but also the net.

The coaching triumvirate on the side of Trenčín made a change before the second series of a shoot-out, when he sent Valenta into the goal. And it paid off for him, because Dukla got an extra point. The author of the winning goal was Okuliar.

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