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He achieved his first appearance in the senior jersey on January 29, 2021 against Liptovský Mikuláš, when in the first period he equalized to 1: 1. He scored his first goal in his tenth match in the Slovan A-team. He played 13 matches in the jersey Slovan. He introduces himself in the formation with Dominik Jendek and Peter Kundrik. In some matches, he went to hockey college when he joined Canadian forward Brendan Ranford and Jakub Urbanek. He spent 87 minutes together on the extra-league rinks.

In the junior team of HC SLOVAN Bratislava, a native of Nitra started in the 2017 season. I was contacted by coach Michal Dostál, who called me to see if I would like to play in his team. I did not hesitate and after the first training I became a member of the Slovan team.

What are your memories of your arrival in Slovan and the season in the junior jersey?

I have been playing in Slovan for the third year. My first coach was Michal Dostál and Tibor Višňovský. It was an honour for me, and I tried to fit into the team as quickly as possible.

At the junior age, hockey players experience interesting life situations combined with beautiful memories. Jakub wasn’t different. There are definitely many beautiful memories. The first season in Slovan under the leadership of coach Dostál was fantastic. We fought our way to the final with Trenčín. In the end we finished second, but it was a season full of beautiful memories. I appreciated the boys accepting me. Basically, I started in Slovan from scratch. They took me as one of them. We had a quality staff, a very good game, I'm even more sorry that we didn't win it together.

The shareholders of the HC SLOVAN Bratislava club announced the inclusion of young players in the Slovan senior team. One of the largest spaces is being given to a young striker. It was an indescribable feeling when I was invited to the first team. When I realize what names, I spend time with on the ice, in the cabin, on the bus or in a hotel, it's a great feeling. The guys in the cabin already have something played out. They are experienced players who have, but also before them, excellent careers. Andrej Meszároš has hundreds of NHL games, Mišo Sersen has vast experience from several leagues, Milan Kytnár is a great professional. I can learn a lot here. Many boys try to help me, not excluding foreign players. I would mention Brendan Ranford in particular. I have something to learn from him, he has a great career. He tries to make me a better hockey player and a person. He often talks to me on and off the ice. It gives me valuable experience.

In the first match in the senior team, he played against his native Nitra. How did it feel?

I didn't expect to play in this match. It was a league cup against Nitra, in the city where I grew up. There were more young boys in that match. Special feelings prevailed in me, as I grew up in the Nitra stadium. It was fun and experience for me. I tried to play my best to get more opportunities, which I did. Many thanks mainly to the coaches.

In the match against Liptovský Mikuláš, he scored his first goal in the Slovan jersey and also your first goal in the senior competition.

They were beautiful feelings. The shot fell great on my hockey stick and it was quite a nice goal. As a forward, you want to score goals and finally it happened. Andrej Meszároš brought me the puck after the goal. At that moment, I didn't even realize what player had brought me the puck. I'm very sorry that we lost in that match in the end.

Who is your role model?

My role model is former Slovan player Miroslav Šatan. He has an incredible career. He is a role model for me just because he was human. His hockey qualities are unquestionable, he is a leader in cabins. He did a lot for the Slovak national team. I respect him.

If I had to say a foreign player, it would definitely be Pavel Datsyuk. It gives quality performances even in old age. He has sharp hands, so he earned the nickname Magic Man. In the NHL, it's Colorado Avalanche player MacKinnon. He is a fast player with great hockey thinking.

What do you like most about Slovan?

At Slovan, I like professionalism in all sectors the most. All coaches try to learn new and modern hockey trends. Like the players, the coaches are trying to move forward. It's unseen for me. The players try to guide and pass on to them the experience of the people in the coaching boards, who pass on their work one hundred percent. There is a winning mentality that I really like.

What is your goal in a hockey career?

Of course, every player dreams of the NHL and this dream has not left me yet. It is important to have big dreams, it motivates you to perform best. When you have it right in your head and you know where you want to go, you have the right motivation. One of the goals is to compete in one of the best leagues in the world, whether it is the KHL or Sweden's highest competition.

I am grateful to Slovan organization for this chance, I will try to use it as best I can. I hope my performances will only get better and better.

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