No overtime for the Blueshirts

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HC SLOVAN Bratislava lost to Barys Astana 1-2.


HC SLOVAN Bratislava - Barys Astana 1-2 (0-0, 1-2, 0-0)

Goals: 21. Červený (Řepík) - 27. Michailis (A. Petersson, Dietz), 31. Grenc Penalties: 5:3 for 2 min, power play goals: 0-1, short-handed: 0-0, on-ice officials: Ansons (Lat.), Akuzovsky - Otmakhov, Lazarov (all Russian)

Line ups:
Čiliak - É. Gélinas, Sersen, Grman, Meszároš, Bačík, Švarný, A. Jánošík - Řepík, Taffe, Červený - Jeglič, M. Sukeľ, Lunter - Liška, Chipchura, T. Hrnka - Lamper, C. Bailey, Rau
Astana: Hrakhovina - Dallman, Blacker, Dietz, Orechov, Maklyukov, Klimontov, M. Semyonov, Polokhov - Frattin, Boyd, Bokhenski - A. Petersson, Cormier, R. Starchenko - Michailis, Valk, D. Shevchenko - Grenc, Sagadeyev, Akolzin

None of the teams were trying to get into the offense much in the first period. Later, when they even tried, they were either stopped by the other team's defense or they were choosing unnecessarily complicated situations without any scoring results. Passivity of both teams can be proved by by shots on goal ration, which was 4-3. The score didn't change even during a power play of the home team.

Rudolf Červený got a scoring opportunity right after the first break. He scored the game's first goal after Michal Řepík's pass and didn't give a chance to Astana's goaltender from Czech republic Dominik Hrachovin. In the 27th minute, Nikita Michailis scored a goal against Slovan during a 5-on-3 power play. The power play situation repeated once again, but this time the home team defended their goal. Barys changed the score towards the end of the period when Dmitry Grenc scored in the 31st minute after using Slovan's mistake in defense to his own advantage.

Astana could increase their lead in the 3rd period, but Čiliak made some nice saves. Tomáš Hrnka tried to score but Hrachovina was careful and made a good save. Čiliak had an issue in the 57th minute with Michailis, but he didn't let him score. Slovan tried to tie the game and fight for overtime through a play withut a goaltender, but they didn't manage to achieve this goal and lost all their points.

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