If we don't score, we don't win

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The Blueshirts didn't score, and the opponent managed to win with a single goal.


The home game series of HC Slovan Bratislava continued with the fourth home game, this time hosting Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod. The fans were left disappointed if they expected a shower of goals or any points for Slovan, because the game's final result was 0-1.

The away team dominated the game during the first period, then inthe second period, the home team stepped up, but they didn't manage to create any solid scoring chances. "It's easy - if we don't score, we don't win. We didn't shoot enough during the first two periods, then we caught up with it but it was inefficient," evaluated the unsuccessful game Andrej Meszároš.

The Slovan's captain wasn't shy to complain about the unsuccessful home game series: "We miss the pressure, the taps, the shots, we don't go to crease often. If we had at least 9 points now, it would be okay, but we didn't get them. But the home game series is not over yet, we have two more games to play and I hope they will be better."

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