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HC SLOVAN Bratislava - HC Košice 5:3 (2:0, 2:1, 1:2)

Goals: 3. Matoušek (Zigo, Štajnoch), 13. Bačik (Bortňák, Matoušek), 35. Matoušek (Ališauskas, Kundrík), 40. Peluso (Harris, O'Donnell), 58. Kundrík (Lukošík, Štajnoch) - 40. Frič (Slovák, Deyl), 51. Poirier (Klhůfek, Jokeľ), 58. Poirier (Frič).

Referees: Müllner, Žák - J. Konc ml., Jedlička, Penalties: 6:4 minor penalties, Powerplay Goals: 1:0, Penalty Kill Goals: 1:0, no spectators.

HC SLOVAN: Parks – Ališauskas, Valach, Štajnoch, Bačik, Brodzinski, Maier, Valach, Beňo – O'Donnell, Harris, Peluso – Matoušek, Zigo, Lukošík – Rapáč, Bortňák, Kundrík – Jendek, Uram, Ondriš - Ožvald
HC Košice: Riečický — Baránek, Nemčík, Růžička, Michalčin, Deyl, Slovák, Petran — Klhůfek, Chovan, Belluš — Poirier, Mráz, Jacobs - Jokeľ, Eliaš, Lapšanský — Krasničan, Frič, Jenyš - Vaculik

Košice started actively, but their pressure lasted only a moment and they conceded in the 3rd minute. Zigo pulled the puck to the left, passed to Matoušek and the first shot of Slovan in the match ended behind Riečický's back. In the next minutes, the game was played with a minimum of interruptions, but also goal chances. In the 11th minute, the Košice were not careful during the line change, they had six players on the ice and so Slovan played a power play. Riečický saved O'Donnell's shot, but then Matoušek shielded him well and so he could not react to Bačik's cannonball from the blue - 2: 0. The Košice team couldn’t get into better shooting positions. At the end of the third, Eliaš weakened them with a foul and Riečický had his hands full with the shots of Peluso and Harris. Parks, on the other hand, dealt with Krasnican's chance.

At the beginning of the second period, Košice played two power games in a row, but did not force much offense. Only the shots of Chovan and Lapšanský were dangerous. The "Steelers’’’" increased their pace and had more of the game, but they didn't succeed in the end. During another numerous advantages, Klhůfek had a great opportunity, but he could not get a puck behind Parks’ back. The pressure of the guests continued, and the fourth numerous advantages came, but it turned out very badly for them. Right in the beginning, they lost the puck in the offensive zone, Matoušek got into the breakaway and with his second goal in the match he increased to 3: 0. The fifth power play of the Košice team in the second period did not end with the goal, but a second after it was over, they were already enjoying a reduction. Slovak shot the puck from the left-sideboard onto the goal and Frič tipped it in the net. However, only 33 seconds passed and Slovan led again by three goals. The pair of Košice players did not defend Harris behind the goal, he passed to Peluso and Riečický did not have time to react - 4: 1.

In the third act, Slovan protected the lead, attacked the opponent's passes very well and did not let them combine too much. Košice thus found it very difficult to get into the offensive zone and even harder to get better chances. They played out one only in the 48th minute, when Klhůfek found Poirier, who fired from the left circle and reduced it to 2: 4. For a while, the difference may have been three goals again, but O'Donnell and Harris failed to score on the goalkeeper. In the end, both teams scored one more goal. At first, Kundrík had a breakaway on Košice's defense and increased it to 5: 2, but after a few seconds Poirier reduced it. In the end, Slovan won against Košice 5:3.

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