Janus and Daňo Make Debut, Three Assists for Slovan Players

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A trio of Slovan players notch up an assist in the 3:5 defeat against Latvia. Janus and Daňo make their first start in the senior Slovak team.


In an unlucky encounter, Slovakia found themselves unable to match Latvia, losing 3:5. In the first period, Slovan players Roman Kukumberg and Michel Miklík combined to set up Tomáš Záborský’s goal - Kukumberg now has five assists for the tournament. In the second period our debutants Daňo and Janus entered the game, the latter replacing Rastislav Staňa. Marko Daňo soon got himself on the scoresheet, providing the pass for Tomáš Surový to score.

Slovakia – Latvia 3:5 (1:3, 1:1, 1:1)

Goals: 2. Záborský (Kukumberg, Miklík), 37. Surový (Mezei, M. Daňo), 60. Vydarený - 1. Cipulis (Sprukts), 13. L. Darzins (penalty shot), 18. Girgensons (Kulda), 39. L. Darzins, 41. L. Darzins.