Close loss for Slovan in Sochi

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The Blueshirts lost to HC Sochi 2-4.


HC Sochi - HC SLOVAN Bratislava 4-2 (2-1, 0-0, 2-1)

Goals: 7. O'Dell (Arkhipov), 8. Mosalyov (Alexandrov, Kapustin), 42. O'Dell (Jokipakka, Rosen), 60. Bocharov (Polunin) - 3. Rau (Švarný, Chipchura), 60. Lunter (Řepík).
On-ice officials: Vasilyev, Olenin - Bersenyov, Judin, penalties: 4:4 for 2 min, power play goals: 1:1, shorthanded goals: 0:0, 3 019 visitors.

HC Sochi: Barulin – Shchitov, Rykov, Alexandrov, Jokipakka, Musin, Auvitu, Pogorishny – Arkhipov, Rosen, O'Dell – Polunin, Collins, Bocharov – Mosalyov, Khlopotov, Kapustin – Altybarmakyan, Tochitsky, Rakhimullin – Starkov

HC SLOVAN Bratislava: Štěpánek – Gelinas, Sersen, Grman, Meszároš, Klok, Jánošík, Bačik, Švarný – Řepík, Taffe, Červený – Liška, Sukeľ, Virta – Lamper, Bailey, Lunter – Baranov, Chipchura, Rau.

The beginning of the game was quite quick. Slovan was winning in the third minute already, but in the eight minute they were losing 2-1. Švarný made a good pass in front of the net from the left side, and Rau scored. The home team got more active following this action, tied the game and even score an additonal goal 59 seconds later. At first, O'Dell scored from the circle area, and Mosalyov increased Sochi's score from an angle. Sochi could have been leading 3-1 but Bocharov didn't score from behind Slovan's goal. Slowly the speed of the game slowed down and there were many missed shots. O'Dell had a good chance to score during a 4-on-4 game, but Štěpánek managed to save also Rachimullin's shot. On the other side of the rink, Barulin saved Meszároš's shot.

The home team were more active during the second period, had a good forechecking and were stealing pucks to Slovan. Sochi's pressure led to the first penalty kill in the 27th minute and they almost scored. Sochi had several big opportunities to score, and the tiem came when Rosen scored. In the 31st minute the referee even allowed a goal, but after long protests, he came back to the video and eventually did not allow the goal. Arkhipov's shot was above the goal pole. It seemed that this game encouraged Slovan, but it lasted on for a short while and they could thank a pole again in the 35th minute. This time it was hit by O'Dell.

The last period started without Klok. Sochi's third goal came in 42nd minute. Slovan didn't have many scoring opportunities, and Lamper's shot fired during a power play got saved by Barulin. After that, Collins got penalized and Slovan had a good chance to score. Řepík's shot was not enough, unfortunately. After that, Slovan had one more scoring advantage when they pulled the goalie and Lunter managed to score a goal. The last goal of the game was scored in the 60th minute by Bocharov.

The Blueshirts will play their next two "home" games in Vienna, as a part of the KHL World Games series. Their opponents will be CSKA Moscow (Friday, Oct 26 at 6:30 PM) and SKA St. Petersburg (Sunday, Oct 28 at 6 PM).

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