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The new coaching triumvirate was expected to make the game more attractive. Do you feel that he is still doing well?

The new coaches have been at the helm for more than a month and are gradually incorporating the individual game elements with which the team wants to present itself. After their start, we were able to score points in the matches and in the unfortunate home series we equalled Poprad and Zvolen. However, we cannot be satisfied with the last matches, the team scored few goals, we also wasted a large number of power play options, especially in the match with Banská Bystrica and Michalovce. We need to improve that. Although in their defense I must say that due to injuries we lose players from individual formations - especially the creative ones - and the coaches make both new attacks and power play formations after each match. It will be important for the team to consolidate, the overloaded players to regenerate and the trained players to catch up with the training shortage. And we timed it all for the most important part of the season, which will come in the playoffs.

Since November, the team has been dealing with injuries with an unbelievable scoundrel, which affects key players, especially in the attack. What is the horizon of their return to matches?

There are a lot of players injured. I don't remember that there were as many of them in their entire career as they were this year. We analyse injuries with our doctors, physiotherapists, and fitness trainer. Some are also related to the compressed program. Due to quarantines for COVID - 19 and overtime, we have played 35 matches in the last three months alone. We will see which players will be able to fully train on the ice this week. The pitch accompanies Samuel Buček, who has recovered from an upper body injury during training, which will put him off for 2-3 weeks. I also estimate Rasťo Gašpar's convalescence for another 2-3 weeks. Samuel Petráš's injury is more serious, it will take another month without hockey. The extent of the injuries and the length of the absence of Andrej Meszároš and Petr Šišovský will be known exactly in the coming days, but I believe that it will not be more serious.

In the last match, Brendan Ranford was injured again, on Sunday in the match against Poprad he was joined by Jakub Urbánek. What does it look like with them?

Brendan Ranford has a more serious lower body injury. With him, this is the second long outage this season, and with the player of his format, the absence on the ice can be felt. The duration of treatment is estimated at 6-8 weeks. He should return to the game during the playoffs. Jakub Urbánek injury is at the stage of examination.

According to what you answered, the Slovan team will be strongly combined in the next matches ...

At this point, it will be most important that the boys are healthy and fully prepared for the play-off phase. For this reason, at this stage of the season, with regard to the next matches of the regular part, it will be important to find the optimal level of load for key players and not to expose them to increased injuries and possible injuries. Therefore, our other juniors will also be given space on the ice, whose task will be to relieve players with a higher ice time.

Does this mean that Slovan is changing the current nearest goals and there will not be such pressure on the results in every match?

The most important part of the hockey season is the playoffs. Only the final result in the play-off will assess whether the season was successful or not. Therefore, at this time, even with regard to injuries in the team, we do not want to create unnecessary pressure on the cabin and thus cause further losses. It will be important for the players to recover and prepare well for the playoffs. The most important thing is just ahead of us.

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