Brust's first shutout this season comes just in time

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Barry Brust was able to secure five shutouts last season, and he picked up his first shutout of this season last night.


Barry kicked off the series of ten home games with his excellent performance by winning the second game in a row. "We just played another difficult game in a row. It's not easy to save, but if you kick off well, then it works. We confirmed that the break had helped us. Some of the guys who were injured returned to the lineup, and you can see it. It doesn't matter who we play against, it' important to fight and get points."

Barry Brust was rewarded with an applause and he enjoyed the celebratory round too. "Of course it makes me happy when the arena shouts my name. I can't describe the feeling, especially after a won game."

Unfortunately for us and for Barry, he won't be able to play in the next game. He felt a pressure on the opponent's side in his crease, which he signaled to an official, who stayed on the ice during the celebratory round. This prompted Barry to who tell him some rough words, and it got him penalized with ten minutes for a game misconduct. This prevents him from playing in the next game against Magnitogorsk.

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