A point is nice, but they could have been two

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The Blueshirts played very well against the favorited CSKA Moscow, they could have win the game.


After a very bad loss against Zagreb, the HC Slovan Bratislava players wanted to make it up to their fans. They started the game against the favorited CSKA Moscow without any respect, and they played a more than even game. They even had more goal chances than their opponent. The more they are unhappy with the goal scored by CSKA in the overtime. 

"I think we played a good game. After the result from Zagreb, we wanted to fix what we did, and I think we managed to do that. A point is nice, but they could have been two," evaluated the game Andrej Meszároš.

According to the captain, the power plays were crucial: "It was all about the number of players. We played plenty of power plays, and we should have scored.  We could have win even with a two goal lead. Although we defended very well, we didn't score any goal during a power play."

The home team had unexpectedly plenty of chances to score during power plays. CSKA got eight 2-minute penalties, two of those were for too many players on the ice. However, the Blueshirts couldn't get past Sorokin in any of these power plays. 

"We had enough stamina, we were shooting, played towards the net, unfortunately we still need to get better in the endings. We created plenty of chances, we had plenty of shots, but we didn't score enough. We need to be more hungry for a goal and finishing the pucks. We definitely need to work on power plays," commented Andrej Meszároš.

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